Entry: Dreamt Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am told that insisting on talking about your dreams means that you are tedious.  I suppose I am comfortable with that.

At the time, this one felt like a shocking re-acquaintance with my former articles of faith.  Now, it mostly strikes me as funny.  Or:  "...I used to be disgusted and now I try to be amused."

So:  a dreary 'cocktail party' scene.  (Does that term mean anything anymore?  Did it ever?)  A fellow is identified by an interlocutor as a Buddhist - perhaps a former bhikku.  The cliché of 'one hand clapping' is raised.  The presumed bhikku concedes, when pressed, that he had solved this koan; this arouses curiosity.  "But do you really  want such knowledge - no matter the cost?  No matter the impact on your life, your comforts?"  (A vague wave around the room.)  This shames a demurring.  Of course, enlightenment is the highest good, etc.  Noöne wants to be the kind of tool who would say 'no' here.

CRACK!   He slaps the suede-elbow-patched intellectual across the face, but hard.  Predictable indignation follows.

"Apparently, you didn't mean it."



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October 20, 2010   07:25 AM PDT
There are sometimes dreams that you need to tell to someone because of the crazy, scary, spiritual dream.

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