Entry: Still God After All These Years Sunday, November 22, 2009


There may actually be nothing more persistently compelling than Shane Watson's various endeavors on these here tubes.  His whole Oeuvre is almost like an ARG whose goal turns out to be finding the meaning of life.  Or, perhaps, he's simply a tremendous artist pioneering a new art form previously impossible, working off of the tattered remnants of performance art, non-commodifiable art of the Fluxus type, mail art, corpse-humping killer robot art and f-art.  Perhaps he is a utopian driving toward a sort of situationist redemption through an upheaval of mind and of everyday life.  Or, possibly, he is simply an apocalyptic subculture DJ on the most complicated radio station ever devised.  Whatever he is, one thing is certain - nothing.

Check out the most recent iteration of Silverladder.  If possible, try to also find archives of the previous iterations of Silverladder, and his earlier work at the Bad Scary Place.  If you haven't found the Morse code, you don't understand in the slightest what's going on here.  Once you find the Morse code, you won't understand in the slightest what's going on here.  And this is a Good Thing in a Bad, Scary World.



July 19, 2010   06:40 PM PDT
Thanks a lot! I would hate to see this stuff get lost - thankfully, I know there's a small but dedicated cult out there, so I don't worry too much about preservation of these unique works.
J f Z
November 22, 2009   03:22 PM PST
BTW, did Shane delete the forum?
J f Z
November 22, 2009   03:08 PM PST
Click the link above for archives.

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