Entry: Won't Not Get Fooled Again Sunday, November 02, 2008


I was going to wait until after the election, but now that it seems like a foregone conclusion, I would like to express my relief at the likely Obama victory. For the record, this is the first time I have ever felt any sincere enthusiasm for a presidential candidate for whom I have voted. Obama will probably be the most principled president we've had since Jimmy Carter, and, like Carter, will come as quite a relief compared to what preceded him. And yes, it will do the country a great deal of good to have a black president. In principle, of course, that should make no difference. Given that we are short of Utopia, it does make a difference, and it's a great step toward that sanity for which we are all striving.

Now that that's out of the way, I have to vent.

In recent memory no leading candidate for major office has taken their stand on any of the following:

That our civil liberties have been taken away. The Bill of Rights is in shreds, and the shreds are being lit on fire, one by precious one.

That peace is good. Okay, they may admit that, but none of them dare to point out the corollary: War is bad.

That the Constitution has been repeatedly violated, and the persons responsible should be punished. Impeachment is not unreasonable under the circumstances. Though the American tradition limits the offense of treason to aiding a foreign power against us, I can't help but feel that anyone working to undermine the basic principles of our form of government is a traitor nonetheless.

That our approach to poverty is fundamentally based in social Darwinism and implicit hostility toward the weak and the unfortunate, and this must stop.

That we lost the Viet Nam war, which we shouldn't have been in. We got into it under false pretenses, allied ourselves with unpopular fools, and we committed crimes against humanity in the process of losing it. (And don't get me started on he destabilization of Cambodia and promotion of the global heroin boom.)

That incalculable damage to our culture has been done by the ongoing effort to deny these facts, and this denial primarily explains the election of Reagan, whose presidency was an ongoing nightmare of evil from which the country has never fully emerged. Shame on Obama for ever speaking favorably of that pestilential reptilian. Because we couldn't admit what happened in Viet Nam, we continued to repeat the error - in Iran, in Latin America, and, well, you know.

And speaking of Obama... I can forgive him for being a politician. How else is he ever going to achieve anything in the political realm? But he has clearly aligned himself with the right wing of the Democratic Party, has embraced war as a solution to our troubles, and interventionism as a foreign policy orientation, and has said nothing substantial indicating active interest in the actual promotion of concrete freedom here and now.

While I admit that another Clinton administration sounds like paradise compared to what we have now, a lot of dewy-eyed young things are going to be pretty surprised to find that that is exactly what we're signing up for.

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December 1, 2008   04:16 AM PST
I am curious as to your selective choice of which constitutional rights have been violated. I, and millions of others who voted for Bush, even when holding our noses, did so for the specific reason of PROTECTING those constitutional rights which have been most under attack by people like Mr. Barack Hussein Obama.
I refer, of course, to my 2nd amendment rights, primarily, but I can also refer to my property rights against unreasonable eminent domain usage (see Kelo v New London) and lack of compensation for partial takings (i.e. see wetlands legislation), as well as attempted takings via scientific fraud (see Climate Change and study up on Solar Cycles and the Maunder Minimum). I could also refer to the typical left wing attempts, many and sundry, to limit the free speech rights of those they disagree with. Finally I could also refer to my, and my states, 9th and 10th amendment rights which are regularly trampled by big government thugs of every political persuasion.

However back to my first example. Mr. Obama has voted for EVERY gun control, gun seizure, gun taxing, gun registration, gun banning, and gun-owner outlawing bill that ever crossed his desk as a Illinois assemblyman and as a US Senator. His party has for the past 30 years treated me and my fellow law abiding gun-owning Americans as Threats To National Security (see Waxman's Sniper Weapon Ban).

Such treatment is tantamount to the Bush Administration interning every muslim or arab american, or at least tatooing them with serial numbers and GPS trackers. Did they do that? No, they did not. They captured a few hundred that intelligence implicated. Period.

When McCain supporters attacked Obama as an arab, or muslim or whatever, he stood up to his own misguided supporters and corrected their misimpressions.

Conversely, Obama condemned myself and my fellow law abiding Americans as "clinging to our guns" in fear and hostility. Even after the Heller decision came out, he insisted that restrictive gun control was still reasonable and legal.

When interviewed by a popular outdoorsman magazine and asked how hunters could trust anything he had to say or that he understood anything about them given his past comments, he made a truly idiotic claim that since his grandfather once took him spearfishing in Hawaii as a kid, that he 'understood' hunters and gun owners. I'm sorry, thats as stupid as if Bush had told some womens group that some college coed he once impregnated got an abortion allowed him to 'understand' womens issues.

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