Entry: The Memory Hole Friday, October 10, 2008

I remember, shortly after 9/11, the TV was on.† And wasn't it always on?† No airplanes, but plenty of TV.† Apparently, that is what we do.† I don't say that it's bad or good; I say that it is what we do, now that we are the people that we have become.† An off-screen announcer said, behind plain text on a plain background, that a news blackout was commencing.† The words "martial law" were not used - I recall noticing that.† I am unsure whether the words "state of war" were used, but they certainly ran through my mind.† I never heard anything about it again.† Did it ever end?† Did it happen in the first place, or was this an ultra-elite media hoax by some sort of ‹bertroll?† Does anyone else remember this?† Was I delusional?

I feel as if I am going out on a limb, here - I feel more naked than I did even when talking about the, erm, "UFO incident".† I have found nothing online, and I have tried.† (By the way, there are a lot of nutjobs out there - though I suppose I may be one too.)

But.† If this actually happened...

Ah well, even if it didn't, we have plenty of halfway news blackouts to consider, the worst of which is that apparently no blackout is necessary to keep the media in line.

So - am I alone in this?† Was it all just a dream, Auntie Em?† Some twisted persecution fantasy?† Did I mishear an announcement of a local station's policy change?† (This was in the LA area, FWIW.)† Or has it really gone that far?

As with the largely pathetic 9/11 "Truther" movement, the real eye-opener is that such possibilities are now imaginable - if you were even briefly tempted to suppose that this actually happened, consider that this means that such things have become thinkable - and consider what a state we are in, if that is the case.

But I do remember it.† I was stunned; and so I remain.† And how are you?

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