Entry: Breaking the Big Kayfabe Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Friends, and regular readers (if any) may know that I am sympathetic to Buddhism, though I am not a Buddhist.  (I'm not much of a joiner.)

But, sometimes, it seems to me that the Buddhist dhamma is something like what parents do when they've taken a small child to see a scary movie.   Seeing that the child is unnerved by the horrors on the screen, they lean over and say, reassuringly, "Don't be scared; it's only a movie.  They're not really hurt.  They're only acting hurt, and all that blood is just corn syrup and red food coloring."

It would be profoundly insulting to treat adults in this fashion, of course.

In this sense, I have to sometimes sympathize with the Hindu tradition, which seems much more about keeping the show rolling, and making sure everyone keeps their lines straight and noöne misses their cues.  In this sense, Hinduism seems a bit more "with it and for it" in the carny sense, and Buddhism seems a bit like breaking kayfabe - a failure to coöperate with the big hustle.

And as I've said before:  Who wants to live in a world without carnies?


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J f Z
August 3, 2008   08:55 AM PDT
If I wanted to say FAKE in pig-latin, it would be Ake-Fay. I think kayfabe derived from that ... just my vodka-induced guess.

Like the FBI wrapping up the mysterius anthrax mailings with the suicide of a scientist from USAMRID ... it's so childishly Bushworld kayfabe that I'm sure Rush Limbaugh will be able to sell it to the vast throng of dittoheads as the real story now.

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