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Friday, March 30, 2012

I could've said: "Atheists think that they are hardcore because they don't believe in God. But Buddhists don't even believe in people! - except in a notional or discursive sense, and excepting the personalists (who lost), and then there's the Pudgala section of the Adhidamma, but there, we . . . ()

Posted at 1:28 pm by Jeremiadist
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Monday, January 30, 2012

I am not at war with the universe - though that doesn't mean I have to like it.That's the trouble with ravers and Discordians; they insist upon liking it. The disciples of sweetness and light are characterized by grasping desperation. (And no, I'm not against it, either. Didn't I already say . . . ()

Posted at 7:56 pm by Jeremiadist
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Saturday, January 28, 2012

To be honest, I am disappointed by the thought of Kim and Thurston going through the governmental procedure of marriage - much less the governmental procedure of divorce! It strikes me as the least punk-rawk way possible of managing one's relationships and romantic and sex lives. Bastard and . . . ()

Posted at 8:54 pm by Jeremiadist
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

 Or:  Per Wittgenstein, religion is a form of life, principally. 

Posted at 11:49 pm by Jeremiadist
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Sunday, December 04, 2011

�Fiction, myth, religion, faith, voluntary reality, ritual, and play.� The stakes today are rather high.� then there's "Bob".� Why do I assert that "Bob" is the prime wholesale source of relatively uncut Slack there be?� "Bob" said so, and "Bob"'s word is good enough for me, . . . ()

Posted at 11:03 pm by Jeremiadist
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

What is the difference between sales and evangelism? Don't worry! It's a rhetorical question; I'll do the work. In conventional sales, you end up exchanging money for an particular concrete product. If you feel like it, you can palm it off on some other sucker, and recover at least part o . . . ()

Posted at 1:35 pm by Jeremiadist
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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Atheists think that they are hardcore because they don't believe in God.But Buddhists don't even believe in people! The remarkable thing here is that some of you may think that I'm kidding, but I'm not. This shows the depth of your prejudice. Even the remarkable Descartes thought it was a . . . ()

Posted at 2:10 pm by Jeremiadist
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am told that insisting on talking about your dreams means that you are tedious. I suppose I am comfortable with that. At the time, this one felt like a shocking re-acquaintance with my former articles of faith. Now, it mostly strikes me as funny. Or: "...I used to be disgusted and now I . . . ()

Posted at 3:15 pm by Jeremiadist
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Leviathan  is a remarkable comic strip by Peter Blegvad, who you should (but don't) know from Slapp Happy, a loosely "progressive" band who collaborated with Henry Cow for a period and had their own interesting career. Regardless of pedigree, this is superior stuff; check it out. . . . ()

Posted at 12:50 pm by Jeremiadist
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Saturday, June 05, 2010

This is very old news to many of you, but bears remembering. As reported by John Herman, in Gizmodo a plucky chiropteran, weary of the cycle of samsara, mounted upon the space shuttle, and blasted off into parts unknown. As Herman puts it: Bereft of his ability to fly and with nowhere t . . . ()

Posted at 1:38 pm by Jeremiadist
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