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Monday, September 23, 2013
None Dare Call It Treason


My paranoia has been refined to new purity by a headlong dive into the mother lode of Batshit Crazy:

This being a suitable entry-point into what I promise you is an endless labyrinth of every possible conspiracy theory ever hallucinated into existence, with intermittent attempts to weave them all into a sort of Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory (GUCT? Conspiracists seem to like acronyms...)

***WARNING:  this includes the racist ones.***

I am no "fan" of, you know, evil, per se, nor an anti-Semite, as this seems to come up often in the conspiracy literature - probably a ploy of THEM - you know, the Teutonic Knights (or "Vons") or perhaps the Reptilians, to throw us off their trail by ascribing to an obvious (and frequent) SCAPE-GOAT group, exactly what THEY are doing.  Or something.  I dunno, it gets too easy to fake this style of thinking.  The fact that I find this all, ultimately, sort of grimly hilarious hopefully shows where I am coming from.  I'm nice, I swear!  But, in all seriousness, race and heritage are utterly beside the point, no "races" or other human sub-groups should be singled out for blame, such groups are largely abstractions to begin with, and I hate you, personally, for being HUMAN alone.

At any rate, I have always been a close reader of the underground currents of our culture, in part because these were so conspicuous - yet unacknowledged - in the Southern California of my youth, from newspaper vending machines for The Spotlight, to Jack Chick tracts in every phone booth, to oral history of the various warring factions of Theosophists who had passed through our fair town, to the widely-read but rarely acknowledged Fate magazines visible in every news-stand, to the John Birch Society and LaRouche and Scientology materials that would arrive unsolicited at the various libraries I worked at, and so on.  It is clear to me that there is generally a Consensus Reality (as one says) - but a great diversity of opinion on the ground.  I cannot begin to convey to those of you who maybe had isolated lives:  There is a LOT of this stuff, and it is EVERYWHERE and goes back CENTURIES, and has been hugely formative of everything from the Western fascination with Tibet to the Nazi movement, to the various witch-hunts (literal and metaphorical), to the New Left, to any and all "counter-cultures", to what have become commonplaces on such sources as Disinfo.

And at base, half or more of it is balls-out NUTS, flagrant ignorance in premature possession of a pen, propaganda or hoax, "noise" for carrying stegotext, or cynical publishers trying to cash in on current public hysteria - or to create a new, saleable one (a beautiful element of the plot of Foucault's Pendulum, which taps into this tradition (as of Holy Blood Holy Grail), only to be ripped off in turn by the very sort of effort it satirizes (Dan Brown)).  Did I mention UFOs?  UFOs!!!!  Oh, my God....

I find this area of tremendous anthropological interest, as well as being something like science fiction of a higher order - that is, fiction whose authors believe it is fact, which makes it more puissant.  The only way to regard this literature is as it *is* - not as one wishes it were - and this does mean that one will encounter a *lot* of racial and other prejudice and hatefulness and fearfulness of various magnitudes - as one does also, for that matter, in Lovecraft, for example.  This in fact *adds* the the value of the study, as revealing the deeper roots of the ideological atmosphere within which contemporary hate groups received their early respiration.  Theosophy, by the way is *far* from innocent in this regard, nor the "New Age" genealogy in general.  Nor, for that matter, is Protestantism.  Or, you know, *any known living religion more than a few hundred years old*.  So, one either studies things as they are, or does not study them.

So, back to *my* paranoia:  I have a novel conspiracy theory, influenced in part by (or stolen wholesale from):

It runs like this:  Archetypes are actually hyperdimensional beings (or "demons", if you prefer) vying for control of the human sphere.  That's right: *all* archetypes are not merely cliches and psycho-analytic motive forces - they are, as our author at the link above puts it, "psychick tapeworms".  One can only win by having no archetypal experiences, motive, thoughts, or emotions at all.

Good luck.


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