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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Indie Loveline



"Hey.  Doctor You?"

"Sure.  Go ahead, uh, caller.  You're on the air with Indie Loveline."

"Whatever.  So, my girlfriend or whoever won't speak to me after I finally informed her that Dinosaur Jr. are over-rated... "

"Srsly!  Dare to speak the truth to power, comrade."

"...and the worst part is I can't tell if she's being ironic or not."


Posted at 12:37 pm by Jeremiadist

April 26, 2014   02:13 PM PDT
Thanks, LORI! Keep on keepin' on.
March 19, 2012   03:58 PM PDT
Lol this is so funny. Thanks for still reading my blog, appreciate it. I read your blog all the time. Silently. :)

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