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Wednesday, April 04, 2012
I, for One, Welcome Our New Troll Overlords


It is with a tear in my beer and a rocket in my pocket that I welcome The Maddening Horde.  Aside from the persistent spammers, who don't count, this is my first troll.  Thanks, Penrod / Sean!  I love you, too.

PS: I'm sorry your god died.  : (


Posted at 12:01 pm by Jeremiadist

April 26, 2014   02:11 PM PDT
Thanks guys. I'm not much active online, and if I were, it might not be here. I am on, God help me, Facebook, like, once a year, but will link from there to any active projects.
February 18, 2013   07:19 PM PST
Hi Dierdre, I'm still in existence - haven't decided whether to revive this project or start a new one. I will try to keep this one online though. I hope you are well.
August 17, 2012   08:20 PM PDT
Where are you Jeremiadist?
July 18, 2012   04:25 PM PDT
Thanks, anon, for the boost. I will be returning to regular posting soon.
May 8, 2012   09:11 PM PDT
I just stumbled on this very interesting blog. Thanks for writing it. I look forward to following more.

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