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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Got Venom, if You Want It


The mental health industry has a long history, much of it politically implicated by, oh, for example, Foucault - curiously intertwined with the history of those institutions of CONTROL the government and the church.  For an uncomfortably close instance of a form of authority making use of the mantle of science, here's an example that lays the whole grotesque mechanism bare for all to see if they have eyes AT ALL.

Runaway slaves were diagnosed by this bright fellow as having Drapetomania - which is the irrational desire not to be a slave.  Racism having been outlawed, they now use this approach on all of us.  Can't abide the current culture, work-marketplace capitalism, crass selling everywhere you look, and even in personal relationships, and in families, and everyone's afraid, and the government is just getting pushier and the nutters are getting nuttier?  Well, clearly you're one pill short of a maintenance dose of get-back-in-line-asshole-ium.  You're welcome, citizen.

See also:
Sluggish schizophrenia: in Soviet Russia, your mind frees your therapist!  (Because all Soviet Russia jokes must end in an exclamation point; that's why.)
Fuck yes, they did it to those with an innate sense of self-respect, during the Civil Rights Era as in WELL AFTER 1960.  A.k.a., "The Protest Psychosis".  Yikes.
Ah, but, as it were, can you dig this:?  On a broader scale, Knight's-move Thinking is an inherently likable form of thinking - if notoriously a bit intense - that is as a matter of course VIGOROUSLY suppressed.  I begin to suspect that R.D.Laing was onto something, and there is something totalitarian about our very rigid system of acceptable mental states - & something somehow subversive about non-standardized minds.

Let me for now merely remark that the War on (some) Drugs is inextricably tied to the same entities who push other drugs (all psychoactive substances representing a series of choices as to which mental states one will be in and means to the control thereof) especially in promoting, validating, or subsidizing them - and as such, it is an effective choice by CONTROL of which mental states shall and shall not dominate in the society thus governed.

(P.S.: Did you see what I did with the punctuation back there?  That was Elk-fucking crazy great.  Seriously, who else do you know, right now, who does that?  LMK, SRSLY, KTHXBAI.) 


Posted at 6:23 pm by Jeremiadist

April 26, 2014   02:32 PM PDT
Touchstone: yes.
Horde: what do you have for sale that's more useful?
The Maddening Horde
February 19, 2012   05:52 PM PST
Ahhh, dear Touchstone!
Perhaps you are drawing closer to the crux of the issue.
If you would desire to attain to the higher levels of power and devastation, seek only the knowledge of the Fourteenth Crystal.
As for "This City Shall Fall" is full of itself, and, bloated with its insane self-deceptions and aspirations of elitest intelligentsia, and shall itself.............Fall.
August 17, 2011   01:08 PM PDT
Knight's move thinking is inherently likable to whom? Do only those who like it count?

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