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Saturday, October 18, 2008
Wiggle Room


Five things Barack Obama could safely do upon taking office without risking his significant advantage over the incumbent in credibility and public support:

  1. Sit motionlessly for four years.
  2. Hold a press conference at which he admits that he hung out with Bill Ayers because people who have attempted to smash the state make interesting company.  No additional penalty for ending it with "Power to the people - right on!"
  3. Install a minaret in the middle of the White House rose garden, and enlist a muezzin to lead the call to prayer five times a day.
  4. Set a blowtorch to "that fucking flag pin" on live TV.
  5. Take a dump on Lincoln's desk while carving "Fuck Amerika" into the face of a small child, for all we care.  Do whatever you want!  Just please - please - let it be over, already.

Props to Xaos for the original concept for this post and substantial co-authorship.


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Posted at 11:22 pm by Jeremiadist

October 30, 2008   10:51 PM PDT
hey! you gotta give me props for this one...i didn't write it, yo, but i had the original idea. :P
J f Z
October 19, 2008   03:02 PM PDT
You know, this is why it's kinda cool not having a TV for the last few years. No inundation of political adverts or car commercials.

I did get a free Obama button. The cost :: my inbox is filling up. Two more weeks of that and I'm so unsubscribing to everything :)

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